Untitled (PGaA ofUS) (2020) by Louis Reith

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Louis Reith
Untitled (PGaA ofUS) (2020)
1 Colour hand-pulled screenprint and 2 blind stamps on 300gr Fabriano Artistico traditional white,

Edition of 50

Signed and numbered by Louis Reith
Comes with a certificate of authenticity

Prints will ship tubed within the next 2-4 weeks

About Louis Reith:
With an interest in printed matter, book design and craftsmanship Louis Reith (born 1983, Hengelo, The Netherlands) creates drawings, collages, paintings and installations. The found material is always chosen by personal interest into form, theme and balance, which are translated into new compositions. These compositions are made intuitively and refined consciously, playing with the illusion of mechanical versus handmade.