Auto (2021) by Jordy van den Nieuwendijk

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Jordy van den Nieuwendijk
Auto (2021)
Oil on 300gm Snowdon paper
50 x 70 cm
Unique artwork

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From Jordy van den Nieuwendijk's solo exhibition “Paperwork”:
Mini Galerie is pleased to present “Paperwork”, the upcoming solo show of Dutch-born artist and illustrator Jordy van den Nieuwendijk (b. 1985).

The exhibition features 18 of Nieuwendijk’s works, and is one of the first series created after his emigration to Melbourne, Australia, last year. The series showcases Nieuwendijk’s ongoing experimentation with figurative forms and abstract imagery, yet the works exemplify a new spatial reckoning, one that toys with the idea that it is colour and patterns themselves that make a work multidimensional. The series is therefore a testament to the way colour and form can bring an image to life; Flat on the page, yet real and tangible within the mind of the beholder. In a synesthetic comparison, Nieuwendijk states that “these works remind me a bit of jazz music, they feel stripped to their bare essentials, a pure, vibrant essence.”