Mixed Message 2020 by Pablo Tomek

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Pablo Tomek
Mixed Message 2020
7 Colour hand-pulled screenprint on 300gr Fabriano Artistico extra white
49,8 x 69,8 cm
Edition of 50

Signed and numbered by Pablo Tomek
Comes with a certificate of authenticity

Prints will ship tubed within the next 2-4 weeks

About Pablo Tomek:
Pablo Tomek was born in 1988 in Paris. Originating in graffiti, which he practises experimentally and illegally with his group PAL the French artist is surrounded in a aura of mystery. His first experiences with art took place outside of art academies, namely in the street as a self-taught graffiti artist. In the studio, the artist has taken his practice further: he now examines the bonds between the heritage of graffiti and abstract expressionistic painting, while also misappropriating the techniques and aesthetics of manual work with a thought provoking and poignant practice which includes painting, murals, experimental publications and installations.